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About Us

Founded by me, Jamie Dawe: with a passion for wine and the desire to work with my dog Henry!

My aim is simple: to enable you to have the best wine home delivery I believe is available. To provide you with hard to find champagnes from artisanal growers as well as wines that I actually know are good, not only technically great but I genuinely love them too. My simple promise is that I wouldn't sell any wine I wouldn't be delighted to drink myself.


For me wine is just so fascinating and it's a subject where you never stop learning.  Besides enjoying drinking it, it's driven me to formal education with WSET, regular local wine tastings to vineyards and winery tours further afield.

I do love champagne! So here I share what I know about each producer.  I always want to know more about what/why/who makes something I like the way it is, so you'll certainly find that detail here.

And lastly, I'm always contactable.  So if you have any questions or would like any further information you can always email me at jamie@dawewines.co.uk

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