Chardonnay wines from Dawe Wines

Chardonnay Wines

It is said to be the blank canvas on which the winemaker can demonstrate his or her art.  It has a great affinity with oak and is responsible for all the great white wines of Burgundy.  It is a major component in Champagne; it is grown all over the South of France and in the Loire.  Countries such as Spain and Italy also have plantings.  In the New World, most countries produce single varietal Chardonnay, though it can be blended in less expensive wines to add class and depth. There are great examples from all countries.  It has a fine, deep lemony flavour with some bready notes and, when made in barrels, some round butteriness comes through while a zip of acidity maintains length and freshness. 

...After all, tomorrow is another Chardonnay!