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Charlier & Fils Champagne

This is a story of the hard work and devotion of two families of genuine champenois winegrowers.  The Perrin family runs Champagne Charlier & Fils, one of the last champagne houses to maintain the tradition of using large capacity oak barrels known as “foudres de chêne”. 

Throughout its history, each member of the Charlier and Perrin families creates, innovates and makes an everlasting mark on its estate.


In 1892, Armand Perrin, a cooper by trade began marketing the champagne that went into his barrels, casks that came from his own cooperage.  His son Amand Perrin and grandson Maurice Perrin would later ship their champagnes in larger quantities and further improve its quality, as evidenced by the many awards they won at wine making competitions.


In the Charlier family, Roland and Andréa began to market their bottles in 1956, followed by their son Jackie Charlier and his wife Nicole, the third generation,.  They then become grower-producers and traded under their family name.


From there they were committed to expanding the vineyard and acquiring plots of land around Montigny-sous-Châtillon.  In 1960 they built the cellars and the current winery, where visitors have been welcomed ever since.


1992 was a turning point when Carole Charlier and Yves Perrin, who had already been married for several years, took over the estate.  They became the representatives of the brand as we know it today: Champagne Charlier & Fils.  Together, they increased champagne sales and production.  And in 2000 they created a tasting cellar to reflect a changing customer base and brought in new oak casks to maintain the quality of their cuvée wines.


Maxime Perrin, their son representing the fifth generation, joined the winery in 2004.  He too is passionate about working with vines and wood and he strives to preserve the authenticity of Champagne Charlier & Fils.

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Champagne Charlier Champagne | Dawe Wines
Charlier Champagne | Dawe Wines
Charlier Champagne | Dawe Wines