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Henri Goutorbe Champagne

Champagne Henri Goutorbe is a family-owned champagne house situated in the renowned Grand Cru village of Aÿ, in the heart of the Champagne region 3 km from Epernay.   The creation of the champagne range followed the development of the vine nursery, a family tradition born in the beginning of the 20th century and which represents the first stage of the production of champagne wines.  Emile Goutorbe was already a nurseryman when his son Henri was born in Aÿ in 1922.

Since the 1970s, René GOUTORBE has continued developing the vineyards and has been in charge of producing the cuvees.  His children Elisabeth, Bertrand and Etienne share his passion and are involved in building the reputation of their champagnes and of the region.


The quality of the grapes, which are harvested by hand, is a result of the careful selection of the best vines, based on their genetic features specific to each plot.  After pressing the grapes slowly and vinifcation in stainless steel vats according to each plot’s particular features, the blend is followed by a second fermentation in the bottles.  The champagnes are aged on lees in the bottles for at least three years in our historic cellars.

At Dawe Wines our aim is to showcase champagne makers like the Goutorbe family and offer their terroir driven champagnes to the UK where they are difficult to find.  Click here to buy them online with free delivery on orders over £150.*

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