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About the Producer

Grongnet Champagne

In 1885 Edmond Grongnet bought vines and installed his press, which you can still find in its original place today.

Since that time five generations have succeeded each other at the head of the house, passing down their knowledge and experience for the good of their champagnes.

From pressing to marketing, everything is carried out in-house.

Champagne Grongnet has its origins in Étoges, a typical Champenois village a few kilometers from Épernay where the vineyard is set on ideally exposed hillsides.

At Dawe Wines our aim is to showcase champagne makers like the Grongnet family and offer their terroir driven champagnes to the UK where they are difficult to find.  Click here to buy them online with free delivery on orders over £150.*

Grongnet Champagne | Dawe Wines
Grongnet Champagne | Dawe Wines
Grongnet Champagne | Dawe Wines