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About the Producer

Nominé Renard Champagne

Simon Norminé is a third generation of winegrowers, with each one having passed on to the next the same passion for their vineyard.


This valuable family experience has learnt over time the diversity of the soils and climates of each plot,.  With three grape varieties planted across six villages, into 36 plots.

Simon personally studies the vines until the grapes have reached their best.  During harvest, the fruit is selected, hand-picked and directly pressed in their cellar in Villevenard.

Being an Independent grower (Récoltant-Manipulant) means managing the production from the land to the bottle.  This is the guarantee of a unique champagne that has a sense of place with a dedicated team of people behind the product.

Each grape-variety and each plot of vineyard is pressed and vinified separately to maintain it's own identity.  This diversity of wines offers greater flexibility for blending., which helps to produce and maintain the unique and constant style, year after year, despite any variation of climate and harvest yield.  

At Dawe Wines our aim is to showcase champagne makers like the Nominé family and offer their terroir driven champagnes to the UK where they are difficult to find.  Click here to buy them online with free delivery on orders over £150.*

Nominé Renard Champagne | Dawe Wines