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The story of French wine in numbers, celebrating different regions and delivering one outstanding example of an area’s best work. Each wine is then labelled using that Département's number. For each of us there is a moment that brings us to the point of having a profound love of wine. A relationship that is triggered by a glass of something great, from the Département’s of France.


Fleurie, 2020, France

Département 69 Fleurie, Beaujolais is a very unique, delicate and elegant floral wine with plenty of ripe berry fruits for company. It is perfect on its own or paired with cold cuts but has enough weight to accompany grilled red meats. A period of ageing in some of the most excellent barrels and wooden vats was not done to add any obvious flavour or aroma but to add silkiness of texture.


Bordeaux Blanc, 2020 France

Département 33 Bordeaux Blanc offers aromatic notes of lime with hints of freshly cut grass and honeysuckle. Aromas on the nose follow through onto a wonderfully textured palate, with refreshing acidity and a driven mineral finish. The goal was to produce a Bordeaux Blanc that performed like a fine wine but whose price tag was much less intimidating. We really believe this has been achieved and we hope that you do too.


Muscadet Sèvre & Maine Sur Lie, 2020, France

Département 44 Muscadet is the perfect balance between the refreshing, saline bite of an apple or lemon fruit, with added depth and texture provided by time spent in contact with lees. It is as fine as Muscadet gets. Excellent as an aperitif and perfect paired with all shellfish, grilled fish and soft cheeses.

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