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Rémy Massin & Fils Champagne

Champagne Rémy Massin et fils is the product of traditional know-how inherited from the last five generations of wine-growers.  Louis-Aristide was born in 1865 and was one of the first ones to trust viticulture.  He had to face the Phylloxera crisis which struck Ville-sur-Arce in 1894.  All the vineyards were infected that resulted in no crop for several years but Louis-Aristide responded by grafting vines onto disease-resistant rootstock.


Louis-Aristide's son Marius later took the reins during a time when growing vines was not necessarily good business.  However, Marius was enterprising and took out a loan to extend the vineyard.

The next generation, Marius's son Rémy, makes the bold decision of moving away from simply selling his crop to stepping up and to begin making his wine as a "Récoltant Manipulant" (grower-producer).

Rémy created the brand Champagne Rémy Massin et fils in 1974. He was joined by his children Sylvère, who studied viticulture oenology and Florence, who took charge of the administrative part of the business, the export and the shipment management.

 Cedric, Sylvere’s son, joined the family business in 2002.  He studied viticulture and oenology in Avize and then travelled to make wine in California.  Cedric's interests in the environment and protecting nature has led the way towards no longer using pesticides and developing environmental-friendly working practices.

The latest family member to join the business in 2017 is Marion, Florence’s daughter.  She has studied viticulture and oenology in Dijon and got experience overseas in New Zealand in Waipara Valley and Central Otago.

At Dawe Wines our aim is to showcase champagne makers like the Massin family and offer their terroir driven champagnes to the UK where they are difficult to find.  Click here to buy them online with free delivery on orders over £150.*

Rémy Massin Champagne | Dawe Wines
Rémy Massin Champagne | Dawe Wines
Rémy Massin Champagne | Dawe Wines